uMhlanga hijacking leads to two hour terror ride

uMhlanga hijacking leads to two hour terror ride

A MAN was hijacked, kidnapped and made to lie on the floor of his car for a terrifying two hours while robbers drove through KwaMashu. What’s more, two of the robbers kept their feet on his body throughout the ordeal. The incident occurred on Park Lane near Chris Saunders Park on Thursday at about 1.30pm.

The man, who had just parked his car, was approached by four men in a white Hyundai Getz. According to Lt Raymond Deokaran, spokesman for the Durban North station, one of the suspects got out of the Getz, approached the man and asked for directions to Mt Edgecombe.

“With his back turned, two more of the suspects exited the Getz and flanked the man. They placed a gun to the base of his skull and bungled him into the car. He was made to lie on the floor while the hijackers placed their feet on him.

“He was repeatedly asked whether the car had a tracker. The men then threatened to kill him if he didn’t answer. While they were driving around, they emptied his pockets of his wallet and cellphone and eventually dumped him in KwaMashu, two hours after hijacking him,” he said…

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