Two stories about SARS – Two totally different reactions from Moyane

Opinion Piece by Daniel Sutherland

Two stories about SARS – Two totally different reactions from Moyane

Interesting comparison – Two stories in the Sunday Times about SARS. Two totally different reactions from Tom “the Bagman” Moyane, head of SARS, one of the 3 Zupta stooges, consisting of himself, Shaun “the Sheep” Abrahams and Lying Benny “the Hitman” Ntlemeza.

First you had the Sunday Times reporting on a so called SARS “rogue unit”. Wild allegations of the “rogue unit” spying on Zuma783 and running brothels. There was 30 articles in this regard spread over 2 years. It was written by their “investigative unit” consisting of Stefan Hofstatter, Mzilikazi wa Afrika [not his real name] and Piet “all whites are racists” Rampedi.

Their was swift reaction from The Bagman. He personally opened a case with the Canaries, run by fellow stooge Lying Benny, the political hitman.
Johann van Loggerenberg, head of the so called “rogue unit” was suspended within days, despite him trying to tell the Bagman, that the Sunday Times stories are hogwash.

The Bagman embarked on a witch hunt. There was the Sikhakane panel, the Kroon commission of enquiry and the R23 million KPMG investigation.
All in all, 55 senior and experienced SARS investigators were fired.

Second SARS story in the Sunday Times was about the SARS Nr 2 Jonas Makwakwa. This time around the story WAS NOT written by Sunday Times journalists, but by the amaBhungane Centre for investigative journalism, an independent outfit, but published in the Sunday Times.

The story was about Jonas Makwakwa, a Moyane confidant, who had mysterious amounts deposited in his bank accounts. Totalling more than R1 million.
The suspicious deposits were picked up by the FIC- Financial Intelligence Centre.

Makwakwa was even filmed where he pushed “wads” of cash into ATM’s.There was also suspicious deposits into the account of his girlfriend Kelly- Ann Elskie, whom he tried to irregularly promote within SARS. Elskie also lied that she had a law degree, in order to get the promotion. The words “bribe money” was printed all over the FIC reports to the Bagman.

But still the Bagman does not want the Canaries to investigate, he wants lawyers to investigate, lawyers that he pay from our tax money.

[He appointed an independent firm of attorneys to investigate the FIC reports]. A spokesperson for the Canaries also said the Makwakwa matter is a SARS internal matter.

Two stories. One Sunday Times.Two different outcomes.

This quote from the Daily Maverick:

“Meanwhile, the HAWKS and the NPA have spared no resources hounding Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan as well as Ivan Pillay, Van Loggerenberg, former SARS spokesperson Adrian Lackay and others. This case is being overseen by Ntlemeza himself, head of the Hawks Crimes Against the State Unit, Brigadier Nyameka Xaba, three colonels, NDPP head Shaun Abrahams, head of the National Priority crime litigation unit Dr Torie Pretorius and his Senior Deputy Chris Macadam, as well as senior advocate Sello Maema.”