Two robbers shot and killed during robbery

Two robbers shot and killed during robbery

A resident of Silverglen in the south of Durban shot and killed two suspects after they tried to rob him of his car keys on May 13, 2015.

Col. Jay Naicker, a police spokesman, said three men broke in at about 10:30 at a house in Riversdale Road and confronted the owner. They stole several household items and fled the scene.

The men then approached another resident who was standing outside his home in Bulbul Drive. “They demanded his car keys. The suspects allegedly shot at the man. He returned fire and two of the suspects were wounded fatally,” said Naicker. The third suspect fled. Many of the items that were stolen during the first robbery were found in the deceased’s possession.

While police were on the scene in Bulbul Drive, another two men tried to rob a resident in Riversdale Road, said Naicker. This resident also fired at the suspects and they disappeared in a wooded area near the house.

“We cannot at this stage say with certainty that the two suspects were part of the first group, although it is suspected,” said Naicker.

Police are still on the trail of the suspects.

Source – Maroela Media

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