Two robberies in 2 days at hardware store

Two robberies in 2 days at hardware store
Isipingo hardware store robber.

A brazen suspect was arrested by an Alpha Alarms armed response officer after he attempted to break in to a local hardware store at about 7:30pm on Old Main Road in Isipingo.

The suspect did not activate the alarm but was caught on CCTV footage by the Alpha client who called the control room and reported the incident.

An Alpha officer responded swiftly. The suspect spotted the Alpha officer and fled.

A foot-chase ensued and the suspect was nabbed by the Alpha officer across the nearby railway tracks. He had in his possession a knife and a screwdriver.

The police were called out to the scene and the suspect was handed over.

In the early hours of the following morning there were suspects spotted on the same premises again.

They had not activated the alarm but were stealing items from outside the premises. The three suspects fled upon arrival of the Alpha officer.

The Alpha officer conducted a search and recovered about R1, 000 worth of items which were stolen from the hardware store and dumped near the railway tracks. The Alpha client was thrilled that the items were recovered by the response officer.

Source: Alpha Alarms

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