Tuks student speaks out against black intimidation on campus

Tuks student speaks out against black intimidation on campus
White students cleaning up after blacks rioters “trashed” Tuks campus

Today [February 18, 2015] I, a very proud Afrikaans speaking person, who is just coincidentally white, am very angry. As I was planning to leave campus an enormous disturbance occurred. The EFF decided, to once again, protest. As always this is probably Apartheid’s fault or Jan van Riebeecks’s.

Today’s whole situation was about abolishing the Afrikaans language from an Afrikaans Universiteit van Pretoria.

Today I was afraid and terrified in a place where we annually pay hundreds of thousands of rands to gain an education, to in the long run get away from the racisit crap like this. The English speaking people in the protest, who were all coincidentally and conveniently black, started fights, threw policemen with rubbish, threatened white people, who weren’t even Afrikaans, to hurt them and come after them. They had sticks and every intent to become violent. The say that Afrikaans is disrupting them and it is influencing their abilities to study. When in fact there are English and Afrikaans lectures for most of the subjects.

Yes some of the subjects are taught bilingually, but just a newsflash. There are many Afrikaans speaking people who struggle with English and that influences them in a negative way.

Some important things I realized today…

  1. Some people will find anything to protest about because they receive a lot of their education and money free from the government, so it does not mean anything to them if they miss out on their studies or if they have to return for another year.
  2. Racism goes both ways, but not in South Africa. Here only the whites were taught how to be racist. If a white person looks at a black person, it is racist. But if black people wear shirts and walk around with posters that read ” Fuck all whites” , “Kill all the whites” it is apparently just freedom of speech.
  3. Don’t get me wrong. Today I spoke to various black people who think this is all just absurd. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed at the way they are open minded enough to take Afrikaans and the white peoples’ concerns into mind.
  4. Some black people are just out to hate and hurt white people. This whole thing is not about Afrikaans and inequality, but we all know this about the hatred that has been inflicted on these blacks who were apparently previously disadvantaged by Apartheid, but the funny part of it, most of them were born right when Apartheid came to an end and I can’t remember shit about when i was born, so I doubt that they can.

I am all for freedom of speech and speaking your mind, but if your sole intent is hatred, nothing good can ever come from it.

One always sees the black people rioting, but never the aftermath. Attached is an image of the white, Afrikaans students picking up all the rubbish that the black people took from the dustbins and threw it all around and kicked it like real and true animals.. Maybe some of us did evolve from apes and gorillas.. Theory still has to be proven.

In would love to finish my degree and get out of this country. Because being a girl, white AND Afrikaans is apparently a very bad combination to be in South Africa. As my friend and I walked home, we were completely terrified. And that is some fucked up shit to be that afraid of just being born a certain way.

I did this in English, because i would not want to disrespect or disadvantage anyone

REMEMBER … Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. She did not throw rubbish on the bus, break it, and the burned it down

That is all
Thank you

By Lauren Schultz

Community Contribution

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