Treasury on track to determine the sum Zuma must pay back

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Treasury on track to determine the sum Zuma must pay back
Stakes for South Africa's democracy are high as Zuma plunges the knife

The National Treasury said it was on track to meet the court imposed deadline of June 28 to determine the sum President Jacob Zuma needs to reiumburse the state for additions to his private home at Nkandla.

Treasury in a statement pointed out that the 60-day timeframe set by the Constitional Court at the end of March counted only working days.

“National Treasury’s work to give effect to the Constitutional Court order regarding the Presidential homestead in Nkandla is progressing well and the department will be able to meet the deadline,” it said.

“It should be noted that the 60 days cited by the Constitutional Court refer to court days therefore, weekends and public holidays are excluded. The deadline for the National Treasury is 28 June 2016.”

The statement added that Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s department had “concluded several steps and the assessment and final report will be submitted to the Constitutional Court in due course”.

It said it would later give a detailed account of the work that has been undertaken, including the methodology followed in its calculations.

On March 31 2016, the Constitutional Court ruled that Zuma had flouted the law by failing to heed a directive by the Public Protector to pay for luxuries including a swimming pool added to his home at taxpayer’s expense during a security upgrade that has to date cost more than R200 million.

In keeping with Madonsela’s damning report on the long-running saga, in which she found that the president had derived undue benefit from the project, it gave National Treasury the task of quantifying Zuma’s personal liability.

The court ruled that he should pay the amount within 45 days of the determination.

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