Trapped body doesn’t deter scrap-metal thieves

Trapped body doesn’t deter scrap-metal thieves

Johannesburg – Standing underneath thousands of tons of twisted metal and concrete, Peter* fearlessly dug his hands in, rummaging through the rubble to make a quick buck.

He was just one of about 15 scrap-metal thieves who arrived at the collapsed Orlando Power Station on Thursday morning, 24 hours after it collapsed on to alleged metal thieves, killing one of them.

This despite rescue workers having aborted a bid to rescue the trapped body at 4am until specialised equipment was brought in as there were fears the building could cave in further.

By the time the police’s K9 unit arrived on the scene at 9am to locate the dead man’s body and any other bodies that could still be trapped underneath the rubble with sniffer dogs, the metal thieves were hard at work, trying to collect whatever metal they could exchange for cash.

They said they earned between R200 and R500 a day depending on how much they could get and what type of metal it was…

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