Tourism and law and order in South Africa

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Tourism and law and order in South Africa
Tourism and law and order in South Africa. Photo: FNSA

So this then is the picture the world sees of law and order in South Africa.

The president wants to emphasize the importance of tourism to a country, already well known, as an unsafe destination. And the government institution responsible for the safety and security of citizens and visitors alike carries an image such as this….

What concerns Front National most is the fact that this is the image of what “South Africans” accept and allow. The world does not pay attention to the statements of objection by individuals on the social media. They say: You have a democratic process and we don’t see evidence that you oppose these things. You keep on voting for impotent parties who does nothing to oppose the direction your country takes.

To that, we have no strong response. And we hear this when we speak to the outside world.

Therefore the white South African has to understand: As long as you carry on supporting the current Parliamentary parties, the world will understand that you tolerate and accept the South Africa you live in.

It is your choice whether you want to voice a political opposition to this in 2019 or not. We need your vote.

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