Tony Ehrenreich found guilty of hate speech

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Tony Ehrenreich found guilty of hate speech
Tony Ehrenreich found guilty of hate speech. Photo: Die Vryburger

The former secretary of Cosatu, Tony Ehrenreich, was convicted of hate speech by the SA Human Rights Commission after the SA Jewish Council filed a complaint against him because of a Facebook remark.

He said that if a child or woman is killed in the Gaza region, the Jewish Council would also be accountable and experience the violence of the people of SA according to the biblical saying: an eye for an eye.

According to experts, the hate speech and conviction for complaints of statements by members of the EFF and BLF about farmers who are to be killed will continue unpunished and uncontrolled.

A previous complaint of hate speech brought by TAU SA against Ehrenreich ended when the state did not want to institute prosecution.

It is now being suggested that the Jewish Council has a strong influence on the Human Rights Commission.

Meanwhile, Ramaphosa has also crept before the Jewish community and assured that anti Semitic conduct and deliberations will not be tolerated as long as he is the leader of the country.

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