TLU SA warns about labour unrest on farms in South Africa


TLU SA warns about labour unrest on farms in South Africa
TLU SA warns about labour unrest on farms in South Africa

TLU SA warns all farmers in the country to be alert and to take the necessary precautions against people who want to enter their farms to create unrest.

“We have taken note of the EFF’s so-called labour desks as well as people impersonating labour inspectors to obtain access to farms and farmworkers,” says Mr Drickus Botha, the regional manager of TLU SA North. “TLU SA encourages all rural landowners and inhabitants to join a local safety structure. We can beat rural crime if we all take part.”

The EFF makes a lot of threats, followed by protests where they hand over memorandums of demand to farm owners. The demands are usually unreasonable, baseless and with no laws to support it.

The farmers are then threatened to comply with the demands or to face a second visit from the party members.

TLU SA is aware of instances in Groblersdal, Tolwe and Naboomspruit where people were attacked, and workers were fired.

“The EFF misleads workers to such an extent; they don’t even take real labour issues to the CCMA or appropriate departments. The workers only listen to the EFF,” says Mr Botha. “But the EFF cannot do much more than making promises about what will happen after the upcoming election.”

TLU SA suggests all farm owners take the following precautionary measures to protect themselves:

Keep gates locked and ensure you have an explicit notice indicating private property and that trespassers will be prosecuted – the message should be in more than one language;
Join a local safety structure;
Get a response plan in place;
Get experienced negotiators to speak to the trespassers;
Plan with the local police on when and how to react;
Get expert advice about laws relating to public gatherings, and trespassing;
No personnel records may be shown to anyone without a warrant or the necessary identification.

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