TLU SA assists and links commercial farmers with ‘online farmers market’


TLU SA assists and links commercial farmers with ‘online farmers market’
TLU SA assists and links commercial farmers with 'online farmers market'. Photo: TLU SA

TLU SA, on 16 April 2020, launched the Plaasvars e-Market to link farmers and consumers with each other.

“The commercial farmer gets the short end of the stick every time it gets to funding from the state,” says Mr Louis Meintjes, the president of TLU SA. “No support during droughts. No help during disasters like COVID-19. No support when bank loans get too high to pay off.

“Small-scale farmers – who produce less than 2% of agricultural products and employ only 6% of workers – get lifeline after lifeline. Big farmers can absorb disasters easier because of government contracts and financial prosperity. But, the impact when these farmers fail, is also so much bigger,” he says.

The commercial farmer is the key to food security.

TLU SA looks after the commercial farmer. The farmer working day after day to secure an income for farm workers, their own families and, most importantly, sustainable produced fresh products.

“We have seen the need for a platform where farmers can get in contact with consumers directly,” says Mr Meintjes. “In this way, they can continue to make a living during challenging times.”

Farmers can sell any agricultural product on the digital selling and buying platform. With TLU SA’s Plaasvars e-Market consumers can speak directly to farmers about their products.

The platform is easy to use:

The farmer loads the information and available products with a photo or two;
The consumer visits the market and pics the products they are interested in; and
The farmer and consumer speak directly to each other to complete the transaction.

The Plaasvars e-Market is available here

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