Time for legal TAX protest


Time for legal TAX protest
Time for legal TAX protest. Photo: Solidarity

Thousands of millions of rand of taxpayers’ hard-earned money is being poured into the looting pit of state institutions. These institutions form the core of state corruption and state capture in South Africa.

Solidarity is taking a new direction in the battle against state capture and the wasting of taxpayers’ money. We are instituting a process of placing state enterprises that have become a mere looting pit for taxpayers’ money under business rescue. This has never been done before, but it will be the start of a privatisation process.

This court application is a legal form of tax protest. It is in the interest of all taxpayers in South Africa, therefore we need the support of as many taxpayers as possible.

South African Airways is one such institution. The total loss for which you had to pay for is already R31 thousand million (R31 000 000 000). Just last year, the total loss was R5,5 thousand million and it seems that in 2018 it will be R5 thousand million.

To put it in context. It is enough to build schools for 210 000 children, almost double the cost of E-Toll, 117 Nkandla’s, and the worst is that it is as much as all income derived from the 1% increase from VAT.

You pay for it! You can also say: No! Enough is enough!

South African Airways (SAA) will be the first case taken on by Solidarity in a long term battle against tax looting. Solidarity will give the taxpayers a voice on the spending of their tax money. Solidarity needs your mandate for a class action regarding state looting against the government before 15 May 2018.

To participate and give Solidarity a mandate

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