Three aged 16,18 and 20 arrested for Kenton-On-Sea robbery

Three aged 16,18 and 20 arrested for Kenton-On-Sea robbery

Teamwork between Kenton-On-Sea police, a local security company and the community resulted in the arrest of three suspects who attacked and robbed an elderly woman in her home on Tuesday.

Jewellery, a cellphone and a camera were recovered from the suspects.

The attack on the woman, in her sixties, took place in the afternoon when the suspects, one armed with a hammer and another with a knife, surprised the woman as she stood outside her home.

Police Lieutenant Luvuyo Mjekula says they pushed her to the ground, and stripped her of her jewellery before forcing her to open a safe in the house.

They then fled with more jewellery,a cellphone and a digital camera.

After the victim pressed the panic button, quick response by Hi-Tec Security and SAPS members led to the quick tracing of the suspects with the help of the community.

They were arrested in the CBD and the valuables were recovered.

The three, aged 16, 18 and 20, are in custody and are expected to appear in court later this week.

Source: Boere Krisis Aksie

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