Threat to farmers, country’s food security, ‘a massive problem’

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Threat to farmers, country’s food security, ‘a massive problem’
Threat to farmers, country's food security, massive problem

Several farm attacks and murders have occurred this past weekend, and in one case, “Short” Hans Meyer was murdered in cold blood on his farm near Charl Cilliers, a town near Secunda in the Eastern Transvaal.

Aranda Nel Buitendag, FF Plus councilor in the Govan Mbeki municipality, said this form of violence against the country’s food suppliers has long been out of hand and that it’s time to classify farm attacks and murders to priority crime status.

Three armed men entered Meyer’s farm and first shot his dogs and then shot him in cold blood. The robbers fled with mobile phones, weapons and Meyer’s vehicle. His wife survived the attack.

“It’s barbaric to invade a person’s home and privacy, steal his property, endanger his family’s lives and eventually take his life. Our country is suffering from a huge violence problem, “said Nel-Buitendag.

“The threat to our farmers and ultimately the food security of the country is huge and can no longer be ignored.”

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