They knew what they were doing

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They knew what they were doing
FW De Klerk

It is 24 years since the Great Deception by FW de Klerk and his cronies. If it was not so sad, we can forgive De Klerk, Pik Botha, Leon Wessels and Roelf Meyer for being ignorant or naïve. Not so – those men were seasoned politicians who knew exactly what they were doing.

The journalists Michel Albeldas and Alan Fischer conducted interviews with leading political leaders in 1987 and tape recorded these interviews for a book “A question of survival”.

QUESTION: Do you believe in the concept of one-man, one-vote?

DE KLERK: I reject it if it is within the framework of one-man, one-vote in a unitary state or in a typical federal state. We want everyone to have a vote, but because of the diversity, we believe that each identifiable nation or group should have its own political structures.

QUESTION: Could this mean that the black community will eventually have representation in Parliament or even the Cabinet?

DE KLERK: No, I’m not…you’ve just…uh…just put the tape recorder off and let’s talk about this…

QUESTION: Could the system of one-man, one-vote be placed on the agenda?

PIK BOTHA: You must excuse me saying it, but it is a ridiculous suggestion to talk of a future South Africa based on one-man, one-vote. It is ridiculous. It is so far removed from reality and from the wishes of the overwhelming majority.

QUESTION: In terms of the National Party government, is this absolutely non-negotiable?

PIK BOTHA: But that is beyond this one-man, one-vote issue. It is not on, it is not on, it’s not a question of being negotiable, it’s simply not on.

These, then, are the experienced politicians and government ministers who knew exactly what a multicultural, unitary state would bring about. Yet, they bade their time to get rid of PW Botha; continued to lie to their white electorate and kept up appearances in public. Within five years, amidst assurances to the useful idiots voting for them, they (for reasons of their own, possibly monetary) handed South Africa to the ANC in a multicultural, unitary state.

The family and friends of every murdered white farmer; of every victim of affirmative action; of every poverty-stricken white in a squatter camp; of every family with relatives emigrating; of every custodian of quality education; of every action against their language and traditions should loathe these men as traitors.
They; more than the ANC, Zuma, Malema or Mbeki, should take responsibility for what they had done. The ANC, rightly, is the new government and will govern South Africa according to their own African beliefs, value systems and traditions.

At Front National we believe that these traitorous politicians’ mistake (sic) can only be remedied by self-determination for the Afrikaner and likeminded people of European descent. De Klerk and his cronies are mumbling old fools in their eighties now. They had their day and they messed it up. It is up to our new generation to try and salvage from their idiotic “negotiations” whatever we can to ensure the preservation of our western outlook, our culture, our language, our heritage.

If our new generation cannot do it, the same albatross of treachery will be around our necks.
At Front National we shall not sit on the stoep of an ANC, DA or FF+ old age home, reminiscing about a glorious past, shifting positions. We are the future of white South Africa.

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