The Zuma circus is going nowhere – VIDEO

Zuma Circus cost taxpayers R11m

President Jacob Zuma survived another “vote of no confidence” yesterday and must be smiling, willingly, knowing that members of the African National Congress (ANC) have perfect trust in his leadership. Obviously, it is clear that Zuma and the ANC are in cahoots to protect the privilege of corruption. The entire world knows that Zuma is a corrupt president and ingenious of overcoming scandals.

CNN published a video on November 3, covering the corruption and scandals Zuma is currently confronting. There is mounting pressure for him to resign after the release of the “State Capture” report. It is a potential damaging report pointing to Zuma and other ANC members who are implicated in severe corruption, cronyism, kickbacks for favors and dodgy state owned enterprise deals.

The high and mighty Zuma and ANC members act above the law and ignore the severity of claims, evidence, and the call to resign. Zuma will not resign, not after he has survived another “vote of no confidence”. Despite the objections from opposition parties and several ANC members who want Zuma to go.

Zuma has been thrown another lifeline; he has several months in which to get the inquiry into gear. Right now, there is mounting pressure for Zuma to go, but as the initial “interest” in the State Capture report dwindles, it will make it increasing difficult to get Zuma out. Zuma has survived numerous scandals and could survive this one.

While Zuma’s second term as president winds down, perhaps the biggest challenge Zuma must face is toward the end of next year when the ANC holds the elective conference. Nevertheless, based on the overwhelming support the president received in parliament yesterday, the 2017 elective conference can be another VOTE OF CONFIDENCE for Zuma.

The circus is in town and it is here to stay. No matter how desperate the opposition parties and protestors remain, Zuma and cohorts are not going anywhere that is until the next big scandal rocks the boat, or ANC members begin to walk the talk.

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