The worst crime of them all… The horrors that are South Africa!

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The worst crime of them all… The horrors that are South Africa!
The worst crime of them all… The horrors that are South Africa! Photo: FNSA

When sir Francis Drake sailed around the Cape he famously described it as “The fairest Cape in all the world.” We have been very proud of that designation for many years. It has now been replaced with the most hideous and most horrendous designation imaginable: The rape capital of the world.

Of all the crimes that can be committed in this world, treason, robbery, murder, stealing… rape must one of the worst, in particular as it has now raised its ugly head as one of the methods of torture that is part of the ever escalating and ever more hideous genocide of the white South African population.

In February of 2014 a 90 year old very gentle English lady of Florida was repeatedly raped by three black youths who broke in through the ceiling of her house. They tortured and raped the fragile old lady before stealing her mobile phone. In the morning she managed to call out for help. The most touching and at the same time, the most gruesome of it, was her own testimony in court when she told how she tried to cover her naked and bruised breasts with the tatters of her nightgown just to preserve an element of dignity when the neighbour arrived, as if the filth who did this to her didn’t already take a lifetime’s dignity and honour from her, and were now sitting in court sniggering about their achievement!

On the 10th of December 2008 a group of black men jumped the fence of a smallholding in Boekenhoutkloof, west of Pretoria. The family was robbed of cash. Then, the 14 year old boy was tied up, forced to lie down on his own bed and forced to watch while Ndlovu and Jacob Molubi repeatedly, viciously and cruelly raped his mother right next to him on the bed.

The human trauma, the horrific result of this is probably even worse than the attack itself. The family is emotionally destroyed. The mother now lives in constant fear and anxiety, she has three bleeding ulcers and is treated for depression. The boy failed his grades that year, he left school and is now drifting along trying to get through the trauma of being forced to watch his mother’s humiliation and pain while being unable to help. He blames himself, his entire future is destroyed. He does not know how to laugh any longer… indeed South Africa has become a country where the children does not know how to laugh any more….

It is calculated that 500 000 incidents of rape happen in South Africa every year, the country with, since November this year, highest rate of HIV Aids in the world. Of these, 200 000 rapes were part of the genocidal attack against white South African farmers. Since April 2014 a diabolical new element entered… the male victims of an attack is now also gang raped! This is purely for the purpose of degrading them, dehumanising the white man and making him an object of humiliation and torture. The African culture popularly dehumanise the white person thereby making way for treating him not as a human being. By transmitting HIV to the victim, even those who are not brutally slain, are eventually murdered…

As if this is not enough, two other popular myths in black South African society also plays a part here.

There is a popular belief that intercourse with a intercourse would be a cure for Aids. In fact, some of the witchdoctors (which can, according to ANC driven legislation claim compensation from medical aid funds lately) often advise their “patients” to have sexual relations with virgins to cure HIV. How do they go about securing that?

The African custom is one of immorality where young women often have more than one child with more than one father to prove her fertility. This happens at fairly young age. In short, virgins are not to be found around every street corner. The solution? Rape a child.

During a farm attack young girls of 6,7,8 year old are frequently raped.

In fact, the rape of children increased since 2002 with 400%! Police confirms that child and infant rape makes up for 41% of all cases of rape reported. Only a few weeks ago an 8 month old baby girls was raped by three men in Cape Town!

The second myth is that sexual orientation can be changed by gang raping the victim. Lesbian victims of rape almost invariably suffer a very cruel fate known in the local lingua as “corrective rape.” It is calculated that no less than 10 homosexual women are gang raped per week in Cape Town alone.

We often mourn the victims of a farm attack when we stand around a grave, we submit insurance claims for the property stolen, we curse for the cruelty of it all and the helplessness of being faced with all of this…

But the victims of the most horrendous of it all are those children, those blossoming young teenage girls, strong mothers and frail, gentle old grandmothers…those men and boys who are forced to lie down for the worst indignity of it all, for them no tears or compensation or curses can ever make life whole again. The monster which Mandela and his ANC created is eating its own children, after raping them first…

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