The white man remains enemy number one

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The white man remains enemy number one
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White people must not think the EFF has forgotten about the land issue, said EFF leader Julius Malema on 20 April 2016 in a packed hall of the University of Pretoria’s Mamelodi Campus.

“The white minority claps hands while the EFF takes President (Jacob) Zuma over the coals and thinks we have forgotten that black people want the land returned. But we have not. They are next.”

This statement by Malema confirms the Front National’s argument on two issues: The white man who still votes for the DA, while the DA forms coalitions with the EFF, should not think that their adopted nephews will overlook them. Also, our position on participation in the public marches against Zuma together with the EFF. Julius uses the whites with their posters simply as useful idiots – when he’s finished with Zuma, those same fellow protesters are next to his list.

EFF supporters were invited by bus loads to a campus for a memorial ceremony for anti-apartheid activist Solomon Mahlangu, who was hanged in 1979. When Malema arrived after 12:00, the hall was so full that people had to sit on the floor.

Floyd Shivambu, deputy president of the EFF, introduced Malema as “the next president of South Africa.”

“We stopped Nkandla, and the Guptas were gone. Now we are going to retrieve our country,” said Malema to loud applause.

“All the beautiful buildings in this country were built by black people without being paid. It also belongs to us. We are going to take the land with everything in it whether they (white people) like it or not.”

“But Zuma is not our enemy. Zuma stands between us and our enemy, the white man.”

“It is the white man who killed Solomon Mahlangu, and although we must focus on reconciliation, we cannot be friends with white people.”

He said white people should stop crying because black people are the actual victims.

“No white man came here with the land.”

Front National says again: Stop looking at Julius Malema as a dumbhead and a non-entity. The tremendous growth of the EFF and the radical pronouncements he makes attract more and more people to his party. 2019’s election may only cause him to play a much, much bigger role in South African politics than now, at the expense of the already shaky DA.

We need to make every effort to secure ourselves, get involved with community forums and mobilize ourselves politely to try and resolve self-determination as soon as possible. A vote for the DA and taking to streets with the EFF will not give us much more mercy or time. We also see that one complaint after another is taken to the Human Rights Commission and the Court against Malema, its like the water off a duck’s back. Malema and his EFF are not only a threat to ANC and Jacob Zuma, but he is also a significant threat to EVERY white in South Africa. Even those who join hands and take to the streets. We can no longer deny it.

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