The white communists and the ANC takeover

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The white communists and the ANC takeover
The white communists and the ANC takeover

In November 1962 the Security Police learned from Gerard Ludi, a Johannesburg reporter, that the underground Communist Party planned to host a conference to discuss a violent takeover of government and to elect a new leadership. Only a few high ranking officers knew at that stage that Ludi was in fact an undercover security policeman who managed to infiltrate the Communist Party.

The meeting took place at a house in Greenside. The delegates were transported in the back of a delivery van belonging to Wolfie Kodesh .

The chairperson was JB Marks, a coloured labour union leader. Amongst the delegates were the most senior Communists in South Africa: Fred Carneson, Rusty and Hilda Bernstein, Ruth and Joe Slovo, Michael Harmel, Bob Hepple, Walter Sisulu, Joe Matthews, Duma Nokwe, Govan Mbeki and Bartholomew Hlapane. For safety reasons Bram Fischer and Nelson Mandela did not attend.

At the meeting Joe Slovo announced that Umkhonto we Sizwe was formed and started with the training of members to commit acts of terrorism against civilians. He admitted that MK, as armed wing of both the ANC and the SACP was not an organisation that was spontaneously formed through black resistance, but that it was founded, financed and instructed by white Communists reporting directly to and acting on orders from Moscow and Beijing.

The meeting adopted a document titled “The Road to South African Freedom” which outlined the formation of a black majority state of communism controlled from Moscow and Beijing. This document is a guideline to the ANC to this day, which explains the close ties of the Ramaphosa government to China.

The meeting decided to sell the proposed Communist revolution to the world as a “liberation struggle of an oppressed majority.” To this day they succeed in doing that.

The election of the leadership of the Communist Party (all members of the ANC as well) was proof that this claim was nonsense. The leadership was not in the least representative of the South African population and did not reflect a black initiative either. It consisted of 7 blacks, 7 whites and one coloured:

Michael Harmel, Rusty Bernstein, Joe Slovo, JB Marks, Moses Kotane, Duma Nokwe, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu, Bartholomew Hlapane, Fred Carneson, Ruth First Slovo, Bob Hepple (later “sir” Bob Hepple QC), Mark Shope, Raymond Mhlaba and Bram Fischer

These 15 people were the people who paved the way to a Communist South Africa. And we are travelling on that road as we speak.

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