The Three News You Need to Read Today

The Three News You Need to Read Today

Wondering what’s the news update today in South Africa? With African countries going on a digital growth revolution, Africa is seeing a growth curve in the recent past. However, it still has to grapple with economic and corruption issues, which continue to make deadlines even today.

So, what were the major news of today? Let’s find out!

The Top 3 Developments of Today

The most grasping news as of today from the land of Cape Town that is sure to grab the attention of one and all are:

  1. Land reforms

As per the Article 25 of the constitution, land expropriation without compensation is allowed. There has been a countrywide public hearing on the amendments of this reform on Tuesday.

While some speakers like Anton Mkanzazi of Bethal believed that land expropriation is inevitable for the overall growth of the economy, the others like Hennie Laas of the Volkstrust farmers’ association differed in their opinion. According to him land expropriation without compensation is not a solution to South Africa’s economic problems.

This hearing was attended by various other eminent speakers along with the local farmers. Each speaker got 3 minutes to state their points along with justifications.

The speakers had also been booed in between their speech as the farmers are not in support of this land reform.

According to some, a country should grow with its people and not at the cost of its people’s life.

  1. “Dead” woman found alive in Carletonville morgue

Two days after being declared as dead by the ambulance service Distress Alert, a woman was found alive in the morgue of Gauteng Forensic Pathology Services.

The woman, along with 2 other occupants, was victim of an early morning car accident outside Carletonville, west of Johannesburg. As per the CEO of Gauteng Forensic Pathology Services, a private emergency service has declared all three to be dead. So, the bodies were collected and preserved in fridge for further investigation.

Later, one of the forensic offices had discovered that the woman was not dead and immediately taken necessary action to ensure that she stays alive.

However, Distress Alert operations manager Gerrit Bradnick has confirmed that they had done all necessary checks before giving the death certificate – and it might just be a case of being unlucky here.

  1. Hike in fuel price struck truckers and taxis the worst.

Imminent rise in fuel price is posing immense challenge to the all the sectors. The price has reached the record level of R16-a-litre for petrol. It is further expected to increase by 26 cents per liter from Wednesday onwards.

According to Truckers Association of South Africa, instead of growing the economy is posing serious threats to the individuals. Already workers have started losing their jobs and until the government takes any action the scenario will worsen.

Companies like Uber and Taxi fare are also feeling the brunt and have lowered the incentive percentage for their partner drivers. The common man is not happy with this decision of President Cyril Ramaphosa.