The three biggest lies of them all…

The three biggest lies of them all…

We’ve been taken for a ride. Not once, not twice…3 times! Three times we’ve fallen for a lie and despite knowing that they were lies, malicious, murderous, destructive deceit cooked up by the Communist-inclined regime of the ANC, we still believe them. We go as far as to carry on repeating them to ourselves and to each other! The indoctrination has been almost complete.

Unless we leave these lies behind us soon, we will be stuck in the ashes and rubbish of what is left of a once great country until no-one is left but a few scattered around the world recalling a time of progress and wealth and happiness, like the diasporahed Rhodesians of our time. We must prevent that from happening to us, by destroying the three biggest lies that we have ever been told.

1) The first of these is the one of: We don’t have a leader. On the contrary, we have so many leaders that one can hardly see the wood for the trees! People are following religious fanatics, singers and entertainers, occupational politicians, long-dead “prophets”, mysterious philosophers, trade unions…all searching for “a leader” without realising that what we need is not a leader, but leadership. Not the person first, but the concept first. Leadership on surface level that is – there is no more time for blaming and reflecting and complaining and projecting the responsibility. It is time for each and everyone to take responsibility and become the leader in your household. Let go of the false security you have behind your burglar bars watching your satellite television and hoping that all is well.

It is time to familiarise yourself with what is going on in your child’s school textbooks, what influences is he or she subjected to on the social media. Meet your neighbours, talk to people about the situation in South Africa, introduce them to parties and organisations who are actively working towards finding a solution, become involved. Don’t wait for a leader to fix what is wrong on ground level, roll up your sleeves and BE that leader. Stop waiting for someone to do something for you, go check what you can do for your people around you!

We must return to the core values of what our nation is, in order to fix it, and that can only be done if we fix our households. They have stolen our land, our pride, our nationality, in many cases our lives – are you going to allow them to take your families? Are you giving them your children? No leader can stop that on his own – you have to be the leader here. We don’t need a leader – we need YOUR leadership!

2) We are too divided. We cannot achieve anything unless we stand united.


No, it has never been, it never will be. We are a nation of thinking, logical people. Unlike the majority South Africans who blindly follows the ANC and the EFF and the Trade Unions and who protests when he is told to protest, who burns down when he is told to burn down…who kills without knowing why he kills, just because he stands in complete unity with those who kill, unlike these automated zombies – we are capable of reasoning. And exactly because we have the skill of reasoning, we cannot ever completely agree on everything. Therefore we need to find the common denominators and support each other in that. This is the highest level of unity we will ever achieve – and it is sufficient for the moment.

We will probably never completely unite Afrikaner and Boer. But both groups are white, are Christians, have a Western lifestyle, wants self-determination and is above all the victim of discrimination and black-on-white racism … both are in fact the target of the White genocide. Is that not more than enough reason to stand together and support each other?

We will probably never agree on the question of whether a political way within the New South Africa is the best, or whether staying away from elections and trying to negotiate from the outside is the best. If we forget about the HOW for a moment and look at the WHAT we will discover that we suddenly agree…we want exactly the same. Why then cannot we try both options? Let us all vote for the party who wants to achieve the goal and turn around from the ballot and all support the organisation who has another idea. Why must it always be “either/or”…if it can be “this way AND that way”? Why be satisfied with half of an egg if we can have the full dozen?

And in accepting that, we have all the unity we need for now.

3) Racism – the guilt of racism. We need to be so politically correct because we would rather crawl in the dust than be called a racist. We have started to believe that to be proud of who we are and what we stand for, is being racist. Our very patriotism and nationalism is branded as racist. Every single example of government incompetence or corruption, every idiotic act by the ANC is blamed on apartheid – it is always somehow the result of white racism.

Our churches, our culture organisations, our institutions of learning, our political parties have stabbed us as a nation in the back in 1994 and apologised, not once, not even twice but over and over for apartheid in our name and burdened us with that perceived guilt for generations to come. In fact, to such an extend that we allow ourselves to killed, to be raped and destroyed because of this guilt.

No more! No longer! This blame which you put on us, this load of guilt and shame will not be the inheritance of our children, that satisfaction we deny you! You, who are committing the most brutal form of racism against your fellow countrymen this day, shall not stand in judgement of the Afrikaner/Boer nation – not in a million years!

We have carried this guilt for 2 decades, now is the time to lay it down, to stand up and say: I am here in South Africa because I belong here and if you have a problem with that, you can kindly kiss my …..!

Now, more than ever, the time has come to leave the shackles of the three lies behind. No, we do not need a strong leader, because out of our own decision to lead our own little circle, a true leader will stand forward. We don’t need a leader, we need leadership. And no, we are not weakened by our so-called lack of unity, we are in fact empowered by the fact that we have different opinions. It gives us a huge advantaged above the mass population who cannot think for themselves. And no, we shall no longer carry the blame and the guilt and the shame for racism which you heap upon us, because we are now the victim of racism, black on white racism to the point of Afrikaner/Boer blood flowing as a result of that. And even one drop of our blood is too much to pay for what you want to sell to us. We apologise no more. Here we stand, here we stood long before you showed up with your multi-cultured clown democracy and pitiful joke of a “rainbow” nation which died with Mandela in any case….yes, here we shall stand long after you are gone….

By Daniel Lötter (Front Nasionaal – Suid Afrika)


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