The Spur boycott continues

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The Spur boycott continues
The Spur boycott continues. Image: Front National

With 831000 people reached and 12300 shares on the Front National facebook post of two days ago, we are more adamant than ever before to continue the boycott against Spur. The negative reactions to the boycott were so insignificant that they can be safely ignored.

Our stance is still the same: we have no quarrel with Spur as a brand name or with franchisees; we still do not condone the actions of either people in the incident.

Our problem is with the CEO of Spur Limited, Pierre van Tonder, who hastily had condemned the white person and invited the black person for free meals. Until Van Tonder resigns, or is fired, or is repudiated and disciplined by the board of Spur Limited – the boycott will continue.

The white second-class citizen of South Africa will no longer be pushed around and made the scapegoat for racist agendas and political-correctness.

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