The #MustFall Students and the Future

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The #MustFall Students and the Future
DASO members in solidarity with the fees must fall movement - Image - Front National SA

“We are here to deconstruct Whiteness!”

“Afrikaans Must Fall!”

Considering our history, such cries are reminiscent of June the 16th, 1976.

But it is NOT 1976 – it is as liberals put it, “the Current Year”; 2016. What we are experiencing now is the expected outcome of the creation of an almost mythological battle between the “Evil White Regime” and that of “Poor Blacks” fighting for their “right” to education.

“We are here to decolonise this university!”

These students, the Fallists, as they have been coined, are products of being fed a stiff diet of “revolutionary mythology”. Continually we complain about what was being taught in our schools and as such we should not be surprised that these students, these Fallists, are a product of this education.

“Universities are hostile to blacks!”

In 2014 I attended a summit with regards to tertiary education in the Western Cape. During the intermission I had been speaking to an SRC member from Stellenbosch. We were talking about student politics. I stated: “Student politics, is both the reflection of current politics imposing itself on the future.” At the time this SRC member scoffed at me; however as time has gone on, I have been proven right.

“If blood is to be shed, it will not be ours!”

These cries, by predominantly black students will echo into our future. These are going to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Which political parties have you heard speak utterly against these Fallists?

Malema won’t – in contrary – he agrees.

Zuma won’t – He will be turning against his only Youth league who’s support he will require.

Where is Musi? Where is your Beloved DA I ask? There they are saying Afrikaans must be removed from Tukkies.

Can you honest and truly leave your future, let alone the future of your children in their hands?

Under the current democratic process – this will be the case; unless you wish to achieve self-determination. It is the only viable way to ensure a sustainable future. One where you choose your OWN culture, OWN laws, OWN education, OWN government – your OWN future – will you find this in the DA?

By Dean Dart
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