The death of South African Cricket and sport

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Transformation policies for South African sport have dealt a deathly blow to Cricket (CSA). According to Sport’s Minister Fikile Mbalula, CSA will not be allowed to bid for any major international tournaments or host any. The transformation was not met and the same punishment applies to other sporting facilities, rugby, netball, and athletics. Mbalula believes that the demographics of the South African population must be reflected in national teams.

It is an entirely outrageous decision that will damage the South African sporting industry. No longer does merit, hard work, and skills apply, it is the color of skin that counts. The criteria for transformation is approximately 80 percent black, 10 percent white, 8 percent colored and 2 percent Indian.

The sports minister is pursuing the transformation change and legislation is part of the process. Whites according to Mbulua “have a tight grip” on their jobs. Although the rights of the minority are rooted in the Constitution, disregard for the law is exposed by the rash decision for change.

Is the sports minister frustrated that white sportsmen and women are skilled? It would appear so and the pressure to get rid of whites is mounting. Getting rid of people based on the color of their skin is outrageous and not without consequences.

Transformation to include the majority in every facet of sport, employment, public service is perceived as upliftment by the African National Congress (ANC) government. Annihilation of the minority group is more about revenge. Dragging down everything to pursue an awareness of failure rather than growth. Ludicrous policies that will be a disappointment when the failure of South African cricket is no longer featured in world events.
Should South Africans be worried about what is going on, because at large the world does not care? The ANC government got rid of skilled, hard working white people in the public sector and replaced them with incompetent persons. The ANC believe their job is done, yet they have never bothered to look back and see the destruction left behind.

A race-based black specific process will not restore the confidence and pride of South African Sportsmen and women. Affirmative action is racial discrimination. It is mockery and disrespect to the talented sports people of South Africa. The only criteria for playing a sport should be talent, not race.

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