The day after the State of the Nation in SA…what now?

The day after the State of the Nation in SA…what now?

A number of people already described the State of the Nation (SONA) debacle last night as a shocking incident where democracy failed spectacularly. A day, they say, which will be remembered for ever. It won’t. There was no surprise. Democracy in Africa inevitably turns into a one-man show.

We have been warning of the arrival of this day for 20 years now. A very liberal friend of mine wrote on Facebook last night: “ I am hoping for load shedding this instant so that the world cannot witness our shame.” I nearly felt sorry for the liberals for their disilutionment.

The entire circus was undoubtedly orchestrated. That was obvious from the beginning when the cell phone signals were blocked in order to prevent the media to send out information from the session. It can be seen as a clear interpretation of the government’s view of freedom of speech and the free flow of news and information.

They expected problems, no doubt, why else would armed police officers be prepared and available to step in? Armed forces called into a session of the National Assembly! What a fiasco before the eyes of the civilised world! The fact that the Speaker was prepared with little bits of note paper in front of her, from which she read her judgements, is also an indication of the level of manipulation the ANC is guilty of. Everything carefully constructed!

And then the opposing EFF were removed by forced, which reminds me of Golda Meir’s definition of a true democracy when she said: “One should ask yourself where the opposition is? Are they in jail or in parliament?”

The DA’s walk-out was equally revealing. Zille indicated a week ago already that she will not tolerate a disruption of the SONA, but to walk out of the National Assembly carries a very clear implicit message with it: The “democracy” inside a state of multicultural unity is a dismal failure.

And the DA is no less guilty of this than the ANC. For 20 years they have been propagating the idea of a rainbow nation in a state of national unity, conveniently ignoring the irreconcilable differences in politics and culture. Last night they were confronted with the harsh reality of what the DA’s policy will lead to – and they couldn’t stomach it. They walk out. The rats started leaving the sinking ship.

The Freedom Front+ also stated that they will not take part in the disruption of the SONA proposed by the EFF. But when reality struck, they did exactly what they have been doing for 20 years: Nothing. They remained seated. Pieter Mulder’s weak explanation of him waiting for a response to his question is indicative of the extend to which he has lost touch with reality.

This government DOES NOT answer inconvenient questions, Doctor! To state afterwards that the disruption was “…disgusting, nonsense and tearing the country apart…” is typical of the carefully worded pragmatic politics of the FF+. One thing we can never ignore: After Zuma had his active opposition forcibly removed and his less active opposition walked out of their own accord, his virtually non-existent opposition opted to remain seated with his followers to listen to a senseless and egocentric address of self-praise.

Those are the facts. After opposition were forcibly removed and cell phone signals blocked, after all that happened, the last 4 “Afrikaners” in parliament remained seated with the ANC. From this day onward until they quietly disappear from the political stage the FF+ will stumble on under this banner: “Pieter Mulder remained seated.”

Apart from the IFP of Mangosothu Buthelezi, who acted within his cultural conduct, not a single party deserves any applause for last night.

Where does that now leave us? The SONA of 12 February 2015 finally proved that we are faced with irreconcilable cultural differences in this country. Our opposing understanding of democracy and debate are two single ships passing each other in the night. It can never reconcile. The South African state of unity suffered a deadly blow last night and this morning the country must face its future. It is a bleak and dismal picture.

One thing is for certain: There is absolutely no future for the Afrikaner/Boer nation in this dispensation. Self determination within our own norms and ethics are now unavoidable. We do not yet know the result of last night’s debacle, but we cannot exclude the possibility of an early election.

Front National is the only party left proposing self determination. Other than that we have no choice but to remain part of the circus. We need to gather our people here and start preparing for an election where a mandate for self-determination must be given, or a mandate for self-destruction…

By Daniel Lötter – Department Information
Front Nasionaal Suid Afrika

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