The ANC endorses Terror and Violence

The ANC endorses Terror and Violence
The ANC endorses Terror and Violence

Velaphi Khumalo (a government employee, suspended with full pay for damning racial slurs) represents a growing element of South African society who feel justified making violence-filled statements and terror threats.

The problem here is that there are millions of uneducated black South Africans who are still bitter, feeling frustration, a little confused, and who are sadly predisposed to take these statements as permission to act upon them.

The ANC endorses Terror and Violence
The ANC endorses Terror and Violence

It is a sad testament of how the lives of black people in South Africa have declined to such a point, to where they would harbor and publicly express so much violence and vitriol towards others. More concerning to the average South African is the lack of outrage expressed by the governing political party, the ANC at Velaphi Khumalo’s comment.

The ANC’s ‘sweep it under the rug’ policy toward terror-speech is a disturbing trend and should concern every citizen in this country.

It means we have lost our moral compass, and the ANC feel it’s okay to let it continue.

It means our leaders are not educated enough to understand the direct and indirect impact of allowing terror-speech to continue unchecked against minorities, and immigrants. We are also seeing terror -speech toward homosexuals, those with HIV, the wealthy, anything culturally tied to Europe..etc…and who knows what else? Our ANC leaders lack concern about this is telling …but only a few people in government appear to acknowledge the role this is playing in the loss of confidence world communities have in South African leadership…and the significant effect that will have on us.

All this means the ANC fail the sniff test as a party that is inclusive of all races, beliefs, creeds and cultures – all are a core element needed in the rebuilding and healing of our country. I will say confidently – it is clear that the ANC is endorsing public statements of violence and terrorist acts towards anyone who does not fit their profile and tow the ANC party line.

These comments are way beyond racist comments folks – these comments make every day racist comments look plain-vanilla, can people see the difference between racial slurs and violence/terror speech?

This terror-speech, and promotion of terror and violence towards others is a disturbing precursor to xenophobia, genocide, class-driven killings, and anarchy – it reveals a complete breakdown in moral fiber in our political leaders which are now poisoning the minds of impressionable people.

Racists comments from people like Penny Sparrow need to be addressed, but are less of a concern than violence-filled comments that promote terror – these should result in immediate prosecution and jail time, and if deaths occur as a result of terror-speech, the more dire punishment should be considered.

As a majority country, let’s show our outrage at violence and terror-speech, and maybe, just maybe there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

As a majority country, we need to awaken to the fact that the ANC strongly influenced the direction we are taking – believe me they could fix this if they wanted to, but they won’t, token efforts yes, but only token.

As many of you who have read my writings, this terror-speech issue is overshadowed by larger forces tied to the economy. Our government is inept, and our economy is failing, our country is on a steep decline – physically and spiritually and morally.

All these other issues are red herrings – in a year or two they will be minor compared to food supply struggles, increasing unemployment, increasing crime, hunger and thirst, inflation, and breakdown of infrastructure. But it appears to be our destiny.

I am scared for all my brothers and sisters. I love you all. We must keep sharing our love, show empathy, and reach out to those who are hurting.

By Menzi Solomon Shange

Menzi Solomon Shange is from Kwazulu Natal where he spent his childhood. At the age of 18, Mr. Shange moved abroad to pursue his bachelor’s degree, after which he returned to South Africa, and currently lives in Gauteng. Mr. Shange owns a successful business that services the mining industry. Mr. Shange started publicly writing in the last two years and is providing razor-sharp commentary on social-political issues, providing an insight and a vision that is striking a chord amongst many South Africans. Mr. Shange has developed a strong anti-ANC following – his powerful, intelligent, and unique writing style has become his key signature, and quickly recognised by his followers. His belief that the ANC is impeding/undermining the advancement of millions of poor South Africans has strong support across many mainstream groups, both community-based, political-based, and business-based.

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