Take Mandela’s London Statue Down

Take Mandela’s London Statue Down - Image - Jack Sen / Nathan Reade

“Mandela’s statue has to come down. He was a terrorist and along with his Marxist backers is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, the genocide of the White South African and destruction of the country they built. Because of him, white South Africans are facing extinction. We won’t let that happen.” British Renaissance Policy Institute official position/Jack Sen founder.

Jack Sen, British Commonwealth Advocate, spokesperson for Front National, the BNP and parliamentary candidate for UKIP fervently fights for the rights of white South Africans.

Over the past few months members the British Renaissance Policy Institute (BRPI), founded by former UKIP and BNP politician Jack Sen, have been targeting the British government’s support of grooming gangs (covered across the globe on Fox news, the Daily Caller, Jihad Watch etc) , the demographic displacement of the country’s indigenous English population, and the Labour Party’s penchant for pederasty, paedophilia and sexual deviance. Now BRPI activists have traveled to London to expose the anti-white madness of allowing Nelson Mandela and Karl Marx’s statues to remain on British soil. Several protests, where BritRen activists left leaflets, hung placards and made their mark took place in the early hours of Saturday morning. Jack Sen said, BritRen representative, Nathan Reade, the good fellow that put up the posters, led the London Protest.

Take Mandela’s London Statue Down – Image – Jack Sen/Nathan Reade

The real legacy of Nelson Mandela is that he is a terrorist, the founder of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military wing of the African National Party (ANC). Mandela left South Africa in 1962 and sought help for a violent struggle. He negotiated for both financial and military aid with communist countries, including East Germany and China. He gained strong support from Cuba, the Egyptian government, and the Soviet Union, whom all gave tremendous aids to his terrorist organization.

Mandela underwent extensive military training in Ethiopia and gained skills in sabotage, bombing, and guerrilla warfare. Upon his return to South Africa, he was detained for leaving the country without a passport and provocative a strike. Mandela was convicted for his part in the alleged 235 separate acts of sabotage in the famous Rivonia Trial.

Nelson Mandela described the “Operation Mayibuye” in his book “Long Walk to Freedom” as the keystone of the state’s case. The six-page documented plan was confiscated by authorities and in Mandela’s own words, “Sketched out in general form the plan for a possible commencement of guerrilla operations, and how it might spark a mass armed uprising against the South African Government.”

The MK military group became famous for the bombing campaign and especially the Church Street bombing where 19 people were killed. On May 20, 1983, a car bomb attack in the South African capital Pretoria was one of the most significant attacks engaged by the ANC during its armed struggle. The target was the South African Airforce headquarters, and the bomb set off during rush hour killing and wounding civilians.

The state president P W Botha, on January 31, 1985, offered to release Mandela from prison on condition that he renounces violence as a protest to bring about change in the country. Nelson Mandela refused the offer, and his daughter Zinzi Mandela read a statement at a rally in Soweto on February 10, 1985. In the report, Mandela said he only adopted violence as a means of protest, when all other forms of resistance had failed.

Mandela is dead, and the misplaced hero worship is just that. Mandela exploited the Afrikaner under his illustrious scheming guise, murder in the name of democracy and genocide with a smile.

Although the mainstream British and international FAKE news media have ignored this story, it has been shared 5000 times on the South African Resistance Radio TV Facebook page.

Take Mandela’s London Statue Down – Image – Jack Sen

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