Suspect that was ‘executed’ had previous gun-grime conviction

Suspect that was ‘executed’ had previous gun-grime conviction
Khulekani Mpanza had a previous gun-crime conviction.

Khulekani Mpanza – a suspected criminal who was allegedly gunned down by Krugersdorp police after an exchange of fire – is no stranger to being on the wrong side of the law.

News24 can reveal that Mpanza, who was allegedly “executed” by police as he lay on the floor wounded, has been convicted for gun crimes in the past.

The Sunday Times reported at the weekend it had closed circuit television (CCTV) footage of Mpanza being shot in the arm while running away after he allegedly fired shots at a police van.

He drops his firearm and falls on the pavement, where a policeman allegedly shoots him. Another policeman allegedly approaches Mpanza and kicks him.

Then another shot – suspected to the head – is fired and he is dead.

Two police sources, who cannot be named because they are not authorised to speak to the media, said that Mpanza’s criminal profile reflected that he had been arrested in possession of an illegal firearm in 2002, when he was 24 years old.

Mpanza was tried and convicted, and was handed a three year sentence. It is unclear how long he served, or if any sentence was served at all.

In 2013, Mpanza was charged for fleeing the scene of a traffic accident, but the outcome of the case remains unclear.

Source: News24
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