Stop bad mouthing South Africa says Zuma

Stop bad mouthing South Africa says Zuma
Economic exclusion feeds the politics of patronage in South Africa

The president has spoken, don’t bad mouth the country. Who will listen to Zuma and his requests for support? Does Zuma still have any say about what happens in this country? For how long will the people continue to allow the president who is facing corruption charges and has a total disregard for the well-being of the country be allowed to utter nonsensical words?

The biggest communication problem is that we listen, not to hear, but only to reply. President Zuma said the citizens of South Africa must stop badmouthing the country. Zuma said it is important that all South Africans work towards the initiative of avoiding a credit downgrade at the end of the year and thus must stop negative criticism. People will not listen to Zuma, who as a leader has placed the country into a doomed situation.

It is all wrong for people to badmouth South Africa and it causes damage to the reputation of the country so says the leader who has caused more damaged than its ordinary citizens. Therefore, does Zuma want people to lie and tell stories of how satisfactory the situation is in the country? Must a picture be painted of how perfect life is for the people and how prosperous the situation is? Must the people lie about the crime and violence, the terror and rape, the murders and robberies?

It is not necessary for the people to execute anything, or recite the true stories about the current situation Zuma has done it all. The president’s actions and performance have caused more harm to the land, than what the ordinary people say.

Zuma is saying that people should stop the negative stories, but in fact, Zuma appearing with Pravin Gordhan is a show to impress investors who do not have confidence in him. Zuma should do the honorable thing and resign and that will boost the investor confidence.

Perhaps it is a little too late for Zuma, calling on people and business to remain silent. Perhaps businesses should unite and demand that Zuma steps down and that a transparent leader who is free from corruption lead the country.

The repeated crises have raised question marks over whether the country’s leaders have the ability to do their jobs and what motivates them, according to Ivor Sarakinsky, a lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand’s School of Governance.

“There is a clear lack of national leadership,” said Theo Venter, a political analyst at North West University in Potchefstroom, west of Johannesburg. “The governing party is like a headless chicken. We are in a leadership quagmire.”

There we have it, a governing party who is like a headless chicken, now we know why South Africa can be downgraded, and it will not be the citizens’ fault but the one and only President Zuma. Unfortunately, a downgrade will affect the honest, law-abiding citizens and that is the tragedy. On the other hand, a downgrade could mean that Zuma and the headless chicken governing party will squander the last of the resources until the once abundant South Africa becomes another poor African country.

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