Stolen electronic goods from malls ‘heading to Nigeria’

Stolen electronic goods from malls ‘heading to Nigeria’

Nigeria has emerged as the destination for many of the electronic devices stolen during the recent spat of mall robberies across the country.

“The service providers have confirmed that the majority of the items are activated in Nigeria,” Lieutenant-General Solomon Makgale said today.

“The recipients use courier services to send the items to Nigeria.”

Gauteng and the Western Cape have been hardest hit by a succession of armed robberies taking place at malls over the last few months.

In almost all the cases, the robbers’ loot has consisted of electronic devices, especially cellphones.

Makgale today said that an ongoing police investigation had identified that there were several groups involved in the robberies.

“The groups aren’t necessarily collaborating, but some of them have common individual members: In other words, you find one person involved with two or three groups.”

Makgale said that a man had been arrested today in Kwazulu-Natal in connection with the mall robberies.


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