Steve Hofmeyr to meet German MP Petr Bystron

Press Release

Steve Hofmeyr to meet German MP Petr Bystron
Petr Bystron is the Speaker of the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) on the Foreign Policy Committee of the German Bundestag. Photo: Supplied

Top South African star Steve Hofmeyr will meet with visiting German Member of Parliament Petr Bystron on Friday, Aug. 31, to discuss the situation of South African farmers, farm murders and the threat of land expropriation. Members of the press are welcome – please call for place and time.

Steve Hofmeyr is one of the leading spokesmen of the indigenous Boer population of South Africa, who face widespread official discrimination today. Hofmeyr stars in the film Treurgrond about farm murders, which just won best Foreign Film at the renowned Amsterdam Film Festival. He frequently speaks out on Twitter and in the press. In 2017, fans briefly organized a drive to send Hofmeyr to the United States to meet with President Donald Trump about the plight of the Boers.

The leading German opposition party Alternative for Germany (AfD) is the only German party to address the plight of the Boers. AfD MPs filed an official inquiry with the German government on April 3, 2018, asking what the German government intends to do about the crisis, and whether refugees from South Africa are entitled to asylum in Germany. The answer from Angela Merkel’s formerly Conservative government was deliberately vague.

Steve Hoymeyr commented: “I’ve been a big fan of the AfD for some time now, and am happy to meet one of their leading foreign policy experts while he is visiting South Africa. I hope Europe will start to put pressure on the government to stop the horrible crimes being committed against our people.”

There were 581 farm attacks in the 2017/18 fiscal year, up from 478 the year before, News24 reported on May 5, 2018. “On Feb. 27, 2018, the South African Parliament voted to allow land expropriation without compensation”, said Bystron. “This is not compatible with European values. Germany paid South Africa €314.5 million in aid 2016-2017. If the South African government does not guarantee human rights, we will make sure that aid is stopped.”

Press Conference (RSVP):

Friday, Aug. 31 at 8:30 a.m.
Leriba Lodge, 245 End St., Clubview, Centurion, 0157, Gauteng

For Press Inquiries:

Leeza Mulder (Agent Steve Hofmeyr, Phone +27-82-7273218)
Collin McMahon (Press Petr Byston, +49-162-2416259, [email protected])