Steve Hofmeyr and his wife Janine victims of crime

Steve Hofmeyr and his wife Janine victims of crime

Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr and his wife Janine were the victims of a robbery on Wednesday in the early morning hours at their holiday home in Pennington, KwaZulu-Natal.

Steve and Janine’s dachshunds, Ouma and Trompie probably played a large role to chase the robbers away and left the couple unharmed.

“Janine and I were alone in the house. On Tuesday we took the kids to the airport so they could fly back to Gauteng for school,” said Steve on Wednesday to Maroela Media.

He said due to repairs to the holiday home the electric fence was switched off. “One or two suspects gained access to the yard and broke open the security gate with a screwdriver. The television and other electronic devices were near the door where they came in and they stole it first.”

Hofmeyr said he woke up at about 03:00 because of the dogs barking and went to investigate. “When I came in they were already gone. I suspect they got startled and fled when they heard the dogs.”

The police were on the scene about an hour later to take statements and to open a case of robbery. Some of the things that got stolen was a television, Xbox console with a few games, a DVD player and remote controls.

“We are fortunately unharmed, just mentally unnerved. I’ve had the holiday home for a decade in Pennington and such a thing has never happened here. No one is safe anymore.”

He said the incident would not cause their holiday to be cut short. “I was already starting to replace the stolen goods and to make improvements to the security system. We will continue for a week’s holiday before our return to Gauteng. I still enjoy the rest, as a rough year lies ahead, “he added.

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