Steady and gradual decline since the ANC took SA over

Steady and gradual decline since the ANC took SA over

In 1994 South Africa had its 1st free elections and the ANC under the lead of Nelson Mandela took the country by storm…Power shifted from the then predominant white government to the new ANC Free Democratic government.
So all the unrest of the 1980’s and the early 1990’s should now have come to a stop…You have the power now correct…

Well it wasn’t that easy…Over the next 21 years the reality of the case was the steady and gradual decline from where the ANC took over and came to power to where we are today…

  1. We saw the implementation of BEE rules.
  2. We saw the implementation of Affirmative Action
  3. We saw land reform where viable farms where taken from commercial white farmers and given to new land owners.
  4. We saw how Pres Mandela’s 23 members cabinet grew to Zuma’s cabinet of 71 Ministers and Deputy Ministers…
  5. We saw unemployment grow from 16.71% in 1995 to a staggering 25.1% in 2014 and still increasing…
  6. We saw increased levels of violence surpassing previous levels and xenophobic attacks.
  7. The South African Rand has halved in value between 2006 to 2015
  8. South Africa’s maize exports has dropped to levels where we need to import maize.
  9. Electrical supply doesn’t meet current demand thus forcing “load shedding” due to the fact that facilities hadn’t been maintained properly or new power stations hadn’t been built in 21 years
  10. Looming water crisis as again improper planning
  11. Shortages of medical services and essential medicines

Frankly the list goes on and on and on…so where exactly has the current government fulfilled its mandate and promise made back then by them and Nelson Mandela…I guess we’ll hear some new promise of a “Better Future for All” as we spend some more tax payers money on security improvements on house, while we all suffer without power, water and other essential services….and the new riots erupt….

Andries Scheepers

Source – The Reality of South Africa

South Africa Today – South Africa News