Statistical evidence of race discrimination against whites in SA

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Statistical evidence of race discrimination against whites in SA
Statistical evidence of race discrimination against whites. Photo: FNSA

The reports on two very interesting recent studies were published yesterday, 30 August 2018. Both confirm the extent of racial discrimination in South Africa against minorities in general, and whites in particular.

The first study showed the employment rate over the last 23 years. As a result of BEE and Affirmative Action, the rate of employment DROPPED for all groups, APART from Black employment. It is, however, white employment which showed a dramatic decrease. And we can see that in our work through Volksteun SA. The number of impoverished, often well qualified, white people ending up in “white squatter camps” increase by the day.

According to the findings employment for Black people increased from 64% in 1995 to 75% in 2018. Coloured employment fell back with 2% from 13% to 11%. Asian South Africans dropped in employment from 4% to 3%. But White South Africans, despite being the smallest ethnic group in the country, dropped with a whopping 9% from 20% in 1995 to only 11% in 2018.

The second study aimed to determine mainstream media reporting on inter racial crime in 2016/2017.

16 incidents of White on Black crime were reported, as opposed to 206 incidents of Black on White crime. What is interesting, however, is that the 16 White on Black incidents received ELEVEN times MORE coverage than the 206 incidents of Black on White crime.

Mail and Guardian reported NO incidents of Black on White crime in the time frame of the study, while The Citizen mentioned the ethnicity of the attacker in only 2% of their reports. The Afrikaans media had a 50/50 reporting figure of incidents.

The conclusion is that the race of the perpetrator determines the frequency in which the case is being reported.

Both these studies confirm the awkward situation that a huge majority in complete control of the country is abnormally focused on discriminating against a small minority. And this is what Front National SA has been saying all along. Racism can never be obliterated in South Africa if it lies at the very basis of the policies of government, even to a greater extent than what it was under the apartheid government.

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