Stand up to the criminality of the SABC and ANC government

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Stand up to the criminality of the SABC and ANC government
Stand up to the criminality of the SABC and ANC government - Image - CICA South Africa

SABC‬ abuse of not only ‪South African‬ labor law but also of the constitutional‬ law of this country is nothing short of white collar crime.

Yes everyone is talking and tweeting about it, but what are YOU doing about it.

Are you aware that the illegal dismissal of the ‪‎SABC8‬ as well as the ‪SABC censorship‬ and Media Blackout‬ is an historic defining moment in the collapse of ‪‎democracy‬ in South Africa‬

To muzzle the media in this manner is paving the way for total dictatorship and state capture as we have witnessed over the past twp decades in ‪Zimbabwe‬

South Africa needs to make a viral stand against what is happening.

Total media blackout. Eight journalists fired for reporting factual truths. They were fired without due process being followed.

The Constitution of South Africa was fought for by ‪Nelson Mandela‬ and others to prevent exactly this

What Hlaudi‬ and ‪Zuma‬ are doing is strategically empowering the ‪Guptas‬ ANN7‬ and New Age Media to strategically position them.

This is ‪‎treason‬ and is illegal. If you don’t stand up to this criminality today – SA will continue on its downward trajectory to eventual total collapse and failed state.

Zimbabwe has been declared the poorest nation on earth as a direct result of dictatorship criminality which South Africa is now imitating.

Sadly the majority of people will never know this as they are being fed selective knowledge which is causing a rapid degradation of the average intelligence of the SA populace.

The end game for this play is civil war and failed state.

We are reliably informed that a large majority of SABC revenue comes from Ogilvy & Mather – a New York based company which is owned by WPP – a Public Listed company which is listed on the London Stock Exchange

Ogilvy & Mather as well as Joe Public & other ad agencies by continuing to advertise on SABC are indirectly empowering Human Rights violations & are also indirectly funding the collapse of South Africa

If you know consumer brands who work with these companies – tell them to withdraw any commercial support for anyone funding SABC Censorship

Visit this link NOW & help stop this blatant Human Rights abuse. Even R5 will help. This is a fight that CANNOT be ignored – Every South Africans future is dependent on this.
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