Squatter camps ‘forgotten’ by ANC regime in need of support

Squatter camps ‘forgotten’ by ANC regime in need of support
People neglected by the ANC regime

More than seventeen squatter camps forgotten by the South African government are in need of funding and donations to provide food for the poor inhabitants.

The camps are situated in places all over Pretoria, Johannesburg, Rustenburg, Middelburg, Koster, Kameeldrift and many more.

The South African Government do not assist these squatter camps and neither do chain stores. All food is going to the food bank and they only help Africa. Our most needed items are food and funds. We are also looking for a property or stand to put up a shelter and soup kitchen for these people neglected by the ANC regime.


We also have child homes where it is possible to arrange adoption and even foster care.

All donations will be divided between the different camps. We are running more than 17 camps and children homes.

Items needed:

Food, food cans, vegetables, toiletries, tents, blankets, school supplies and toys

Other items needed:

Second hand clothing, garden equipment, furniture, funds, building equipment.

For collection of any donations please SMS Address to 0736317914 we will arrange for pickup

Drop off point  15 Church Street Florida 1725.

Thanks for supporting our people.


Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal Sentrum

Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal

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Acc No 62577687381


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Kind regards Leon


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