South Africa’s ‘Pinocchio President’ at it again

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South Africa’s ‘Pinocchio President’ at it again
South Africa's 'Pinocchio President' at it again. Photo: FNSA

Barely a month ago pres Cyril Ramaphosa insulted the world by blatantly lying to a United Nations meeting claiming that there are no farm murders in South Africa. He later tried to cover it up with the argument of “understanding his statement within context.”

He lied. Full stop. And he admitted to it.

Lo and behold, yesterday, 14 November 2018, he stands before a meeting of the European Parliament in Strasbourg and he says: “Expropriation in South Africa will be according to the constitution and will not violate Human Rights.”

WHAT constitution? The one he plans to change to make a violation of Human Rights legal?

How can the expropriation and removal of people from their property by law without their free will NOT be a violation of Human Rights? It is exactly that.

And to top it off, when the previous government did the same in Sophiatown and District Six, Ramaphosa and his party screamed “murder!” at the top of their voices!

Why was it a crime against humanity then, but now that they do the same it is not?

If only someone could explain that to Front National we would be so grateful.

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