South Africa’s dangerous game of ‘Chinese checkers’

Opinion by Front National SA

“I now see the Chinese coming. I’m not telling you not to trade with them, but be careful because all of them started with the trade and ended up conquering us.” -Patrick Lumumba.

Prof Lumumba hit the nail on the head, for what Africa (and in particular the broad masses in South Africa) does not realise, is that the dawn of the new age of colonialism has come.

China bailed out Eskom with billions and signed a deal with Cyril Ramaphosa for 15 billion. What collateral was given for that? We don’t know, all we know is that China has too much of one thing and too little of another. They have way too many people and far too little living space for them.

China is literally purchasing Africa. Kenya owes them (in US dollars) $5,3 billion. Angola is $25 billion in the red. Zambia, the Congo, the DRC, Chad, Niger and Nigeria all owes China money.

To understand what this means, one needs to look at what China did with Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka borrowed money, and borrowed more money and even more from China. And one day China wanted their money and Sri Lanka couldn’t pay. So China took their parastatals and now control the ports and harbours of Sri Lanka, making a huge profit from import and export taxes.

While black South Africans are still celebrating the euphoria of all the expropriated land they are going to get for free, they don’t realise that the time of the white baas is over, the time of the yellow baas has come.

If we don’t get serious about self determination NOW, we will have to prepare to learn to speak Mandarin pretty soon.

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