South African Universities target for politically inspired unrest

South African Universities target for politically inspired unrest

It is, by now, quite clear that South African Universities have become the target for creating politically inspired unrest and disorder.

Of course this is to be expected. The Marxist/Leninist agenda of the SACP, the alliance partner of Jacob Zuma’s ANC and of Cosatu, follows the doctrine of “Give me the youth of only one generation…”

The youth of 1976 are regarded as heroes in the New South Africa. Yet, they are the ones now destroying education for their own children by allowing their elected leaders to go on a political rampage.

All to be understood: A Communist inspired, Chinese funded, racially based dictatorship can certainly do without subjects being capable of reasoning and questioning.

Front National South Africa learned of more protest action and disruption planned at the Tshwane University of Technology, while the campaign posters put up BY the University of Cape Town for the election of the Student Council is downright Marxist.

Are we wrong in predicting unrest, strikes and burning, exactly like those at the University of Kwazulu Natal two weeks ago, to spread to Cape Peninsula University of Technology and others within the immediate future? I think not.

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Daniel Lötter

FNSA Information