South African Police Helping the Nation

South African Police Helping the Nation

The past 24 hours have seen the South African Police embark on various crime intelligence operations around the country. Successfully more criminals are behind bars, and dangerous firearms have been confiscated.

In the Walmer area, the police successfully arrested several suspects linked to crime and confiscated firearms and other items during a crime blitz. A firearm that was confiscated has been associated with a housebreaking in Walmer during February 2016.

In the Ethekwini area, a total of eight suspects were arrested for various crimes, ranging from drugs, and unlawful possession of firearms, house, and business robberies. The police recovered stolen vehicles, cellphones, firearms and other electronic devices.

Members of the Muizenberg Crime Preventing Unit succeeded in arresting two suspects and confiscating drugs while on patrol. The Overcome Heights Informal Settlement is known for drug activity. Two men aged 27 and 22 respectively threw away a bag of narcotics when they noticed the police patrolling. However, the police managed to recover the drugs consisting of mandrax tablets and arrest the two for illegal possession.

Perhaps the most frightening story is the arrest of a lieutenant in the South African National Defense Force (SANDF) during a police intelligence-led operation in Bloemfontein. The suspect had a warrant of arrest against him for murder. It is indeed a depressing thought knowing that the army harbors criminals. The army that is commissioned to protect South Africa. The police recovered hand grenades and ammunition during the blitz.

It is encouraging to know that the South African Police are taking positive action around the country and arresting criminals that terrorize innocent people. While the crime statistics remain high and arresting several suspects are applauded, the crime situation remains a serious concern. It is also a distressing thought to know that the South African prisons are overcrowded and arresting more criminals will have a severe impact on the already strained state. However, it is the positive progression of the South African police that makes the country a safer environment.

By Laura Oneale
Source: South African Police Service
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