South Africa: The ship has hit the iceberg, now what?

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South Africa: The ship has hit the iceberg, now what?
South Africa: The ship has hit the iceberg, now what? Photo: FNSA

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see the rapid decline of South Africa. The slow war against the small minority is gaining momentum. The lower decks of the ship is already flooded. Can we as whites still ignore the clear an obvious signs that the ship has taken to much water and cannot be saved?

The black ANC gangsters inherited a huge and functional ship that the white minority built. It was beautiful and modern. One of the best in the world. But the black crew rather arrogantly decided to ignore all the good advise given and went their own way. Instead of being a professional crew, they went on to pillage the ship and run it into the iceberg.

Instead of being good stewards, they used the ship as their own treasure trove. They handed the ship over to the unskilled black passengers to pillage and destroy the ship even further. Populist slogans and populist criminalism has substituted constructive stewardship

The non-functional government, the expropriation of land, the implosion of our judiciary, the obvious double legal standards, the dysfunctional law enforcement, the high crime rate, the high murder rate, the high incidents of rape, looting and destruction of property, rampant corruption, BEE and BBBEE, the poor education system, the discrimination against minorities, the eradication of Afrikaans, the increasing poverty, the vilification of whites, the exclusion of whites in society, the sellout by white liberals, the criminal vitriol towards whites, the call for killing whites and the atrocious farm murders.

There is no question that the ship is sinking, and it is sinking fast. The Titanic has hit the iceberg. And no matter how many distress calls are made, nothing will stop the sinking ship. Not even the best intentions in the world can stop the sinking ship. The sinking ship cannot be repaired mid sea, no matter how good your engineers are. By the time help arrives, it will be too late and many have drowned.

The complaining are the distress calls, the liberal lie is the false hope, the engineers are the uneducated leaders with their foolish plans, multi cultural political parties and leaders are fake captains, international help will come too late

When a ship sinks, you run for the life boats. You take the life boats and head for dry land. The solution is clear and simple, nothing complicated about that. Yet, somehow our people still want to hold on to the illusion that the sinking ship will somehow magically repair itself. In all honesty – IT WILL NOT! You can either go down with the ship and loose everything with your last breath

You take the lifeboat, being the 2019 general elections. You vote for Front Nasionaal, that is rowing to dry land. You get Self determination, that is standing on the dry land

Self determination is the only workable, legal and practical solution for our people. You can either live in false hope and sink with the ship or you can be practical and take yourself off the ship.

While the rest of SA is going down, you can be wise and choose to live in your own territory and determine your own destiny for you and your family. With Self determination, you will guarantee a better, safer and more prosperous life for yourself. With self determination, you and your descendants will have a future.

And for the naysayers that say we will never get permission: Self-determination is recognized in Art 235 of our Constitution. It is also an Internationally recognized right and confirmed in numerous International treaties. It is a jus Cogens right that our Government are bound to and cannot simply dismiss. Front Nasionaal will use the votes to prove a mandate as required by local law and International Law. With the required mandate, a claim for Self-determination is then demanded.

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