South Africa: The ‘frog principal’ pleads ignorance

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It is a month since the 6th general election in South Africa after the 1994 capitulation to a one-man-one-vote socialist dispensation, leaving the minorities in South Africa to a disastrous fate of racial discrimination and a struggle for survival in a harsh, crime ridden, murderous and corrupt society.

Over this period of 30 days, 51 farm attacks have been reported. Farm attacks in the Western Cape DOUBLED in the first six months of 2019, compared to the corresponding period in 2018.

Just before the election president Cyril Ramaphosa addressed a group of farmers on the Beyerskloof Estate near Stellenbosch and promised them that the policy of expropriation without compensation would not affect their lives. Some of them hailed him as the “anointed” leader of South Africa. In that meeting also sat Mr Stefan Smit of Louiesenhof, a neighbouring estate. He was brutally shot dead in the dining room of his house in front of his family and guests last Sunday evening 2 June 2019.

This is the same Ramaphosa who allegedly said that whites people in South Africa should be gradually given the “frog in a pot of boiling water treatment”. A little heat at a time without the frog noticing what is happening to him – until he dies in the pot.

So what does mr Ramaphosa have to say about the farm murders?

Nothing. Nothing at all. In spite of urgent calls from the agricultural community on the president to address the issue, Khusela Diko, presidential spokesperson, on 4 June 2019, stated that the president will not make “…any statement on specific crimes…”

Pity that he did not tell Stefan Smit that at the Beyerskloof meeting. Or was he looking at his audience thinking to himself: “Look at the frogs in the pot!”. Only he would know the answer to that.

We are often asked, here at Front National, to write our articles on farm attacks and related matters in English so that the world can take note. If, by now, the world hasn’t taken note of the situation, it is doubtful that another article will change their minds. In actual fact it was pointed out in no uncertain terms to us during a phone conversation on 13 May when we spoke to one of our contact people in a sympathetic Eastern European Government, calling on them once more to recognise our demand for self-determination.

His words, verbally quoted, were: “We are not ignorant of what is happening to you and we are more than prepared to recognise your right to self determination and to defend your sovereignty as a nation of Afrikaners. Unfortunately, it seems, that you don’t want that yourself. We also had monitors at your election and we took note of your call on the voters to cast a vote for independence, self determination and the reinstatement of your commandos to protect and defend the farmers. The white voters rather opted for either staying at home and not casting a vote to show their objection at all, or voting for parties openly stating that they wish to remain part of the current political dispensation in South Africa. I cannot waste my government’s time with this if you don’t come to the party yourself. So, in conclusion, I will do what I can for you, but it is in your hands and you are not doing much to convince the world that you are facing a crisis. I’m sorry, that’s how it is.”

How can we dispute this?

For the fact of the matter is: It is not the world that needs to wake up, it is the white man in South Africa that needs to wake up!

So what remains? Front National can only call on our people to urgently become even more safety conscious. Join organisations where you can be trained in self defense. Do whatever you can to defend yourself, your property and your family. The world is not going to step in and do anything for us before we give them proof that we are prepared to do something ourselves.

The government and its institutions won’t do anything more than the minimum expected of them and the Frog Prince won’t even release a statement of condemnation. There is not a single party in Parliament who can or will do anything towards complete self determination and protection of our rural, agricultural areas. They will use their free, taxpayer funded international flights to go and address skeleton committee meetings of the European Parliament (usually when the European Parliament is not in session, but when, co-incidentally, it is holiday season in Europe) and then make propaganda out of that.

The brutal truth is this: We cannot carry on like this for another 5 years. At the rate we are being murdered and our young generation is leaving the country, we face a somewhat slower, but exactly similar fate to the Jews of Europe before 1939. Unless we take responsibility and become involved in our fate, the outcome for the Afrikaner will be nothing different: Death and diaspora…

Maybe the world will take note when it is too late. Maybe not even then.

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