South Africa destruction: Looting, cadre deployment and ANC’s racial labour policy

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South Africa destruction: Looting, cadre deployment and ANC’s racial labour policy
South Africa destruction: Looting, cadre deployment and ANC's racial labour policy

South Africans who find themselves in the depths of despair, hunger, unemployment and poverty due to the ANC government’s misdirected policy will not allow their determination and spirit to be broken.

South Africans have shown that they want to build up and not tear down as throughout history, they have proven that they can turn something negative into something positive. It is in their very nature to hold their heads high and overcome every obstacle.

The FF Plus supports and fights alongside every single South African who has been negatively affected by the laws and lockdown regulations imposed by the ANC government. The party will keep fighting to protect the heritage of all South Africans.

Thulas Nxesi, Minister of Employment and Labour, cannot be trusted with the task of saving South Africans.

How can he sleep at night knowing that he is part of the reason why the country is in unrest, part of the reason why so many people have been let down by ideologically driven legislation and part of the government breaking the back of an already struggling economy?

South Africans know all too well that the economy has reached an all-time low as 3 million job opportunities have been lost during lockdown – because they are the ones who have lost their jobs. They know all too well that 1,5 million employees lost their income – because they are the ones who had to explain it to their families.

The Covid-19 pandemic alone is not to blame for the dire situation in which South Africa currently finds itself. Years of looting, cadre deployment and the current restrictive labour legislation severely hamper the creation of job opportunities. The FF Plus is once again calling on the government to appoint people based on their qualifications and not race so that the candidate with the best qualifications can get the job.

The government cannot create jobs sustainably, thus, an environment that is conducive to job creation must be established.

The labour market has been forced to its knees and there exists a shocking possibility that the Minister does comprehend the gravity of the situation, but supports it nonetheless. The efforts to bring about radical economic transformation are destroying the economy.

It is tragic that someone can sink to such depths that he ignores all available evidence and implements Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action, regardless of the damage done in the process.

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