South Africa Corruption Spans across the Defense Force

South Africa Corruption Spans across the Defense Force

The South African National Defense Force (SANDF) is suffering from the same malaise of which the government is suffering. The situation in South Africa is currently one of an extremely dangerous situation to peace and prosperity in the region as well as in the world. South Africa has access to technology and has no qualms about how deploy or sell to various other groups of distinctly undesirable origins, i.e. Terrorist groups etc.

The president of South Africa, Mr. Jacob Zuma is proving to be a complete incompetent person, whether due to his own making and/or mostly due to forces ranged against him. This situation has led to a stealing spree in which the President and his clan are at the forefront. In this regard, State institutions are abused in order to achieve their goals. The Justice system is dismally failing the country and in danger of collapsing completely.

Private companies have been victims of these actions from either him, his acolytes and/or the criminals attracted to such behavior. Armscor and Denel are fingered as two most conflicted entities. Armscor has a history of stealing; again, they have been implicated in stealing from private arms companies. Denel and Armscor have joined forces in order to steal contacts and contracts in inter alia. Bulgaria – Arsenal Jsco. Much fuss is made about alleged government to government contracts that do not exist.

It is only done in order for certain people to enrich themselves. The Intelligence Services are in operation, without court orders they intercept private communications as there is no doubt that they are affecting it on global communications, irrespective of what International Agreements might be in place.

A letter was sent to Pres Zuma in March 2014 regarding the underhandedness and corruption within the defense force, and no response was received.

This exposes the corrupt nature and the threat to the people of South Africa, of dealings within the SANDF on all levels. The deadly sordid saga commenced with SA Special Forces whereby the management structure is one of utter corruption and sweeping incompetence. In Central African Republic (CAR), fifteen SANDF soldiers were killed due to them being outgunned. Cover ups are the order of the day. In a court case, in the North Gauteng High Court (Pretoria), Case 46554/12 dated 2012-08-21, the learned judge made the point that Special Forces wanted to steal a private company’s contracts. So much for being an officer and a gentleman!

The Intelligence Services are running front companies in order to control the Press and Political Parties. A company called IRS is managed by a Chad Thomas. Thomas is a leading contact of the opposition parties in Parliament. Meanwhile, he works for a certain George Darmanovitch, an agent / consultant to the Intelligence Forces.

The National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC) is a ministerial committee that through legislation has to give effect to the Wassenaar Arrangement as a UN initiative for control over the Arms Industries. However, their actions are tantamount to stealing, permits are delayed, Companies framed –. The officials, such as Vanessa Du Toit, the Director Compliance at the NCACC claims that she is under instructions! Nuremburg does not seem to have made an impact on these people.

The threat created by these people and their actions is unclear at this stage. However, the fact remains that this is a thieving frenzy by people in high positions who have no idea of the implications of their unfettered actions.

The picture of the future of the RSA is a particularly depressing one. The President of South Africa has undoubtedly stumbled onto the low road. In this regard, the vultures surrounding him will irrespective of course continue to destroy the country as they are already busy doing.

By Laura Oneale.

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