South Africa: Black Fear, White Anger

Opinion by Barend Daubern

South Africa: Black Fear, White Anger
South Africa: Black Fear, White Anger

With the proposed changing of Art 25 of the constitution of South Africa, many are up in arms and others think it will change the injustice of the past. But if we look carefully we can see the criminal minds, and the terrorist ANC cabal behind it.

Black Community Had Land

In the Apartheid years the following land was given to the black community to develop for themselfs and these were some of the most fertile lands in SA. Kwazulu, Venda, Ciskei, QuaQua, Gazankulu, Lebowa, Bophutawana, Transkei, Kangwane, Kwandebele.

The question is what did they do with it?

Answer nothing…. they could not build schools, they could not build Universities the white people had to use their tax money to build it for them after they requested beter education. When they received better education they came up with slogans like “Liberation before Education” just because they wanted to go into white areas.

Black Fear, White Anger

For some uncomprehensive reason black people fear white people, if a white man’s business does good it must be burned, if they live on a farm they must be murdered this is the type of reasoning that is happening across SA today, and is a direct result of uneducated black folks, liberation before education. Its laughable to say the least.

White people are angry, they voted in 1992 referendum whether we should go to war with black people or live in peace. 24 years later black people now want war against white people. White folks must just give and give and give, and black folks just want and want and demand. Nothing changed since Apartheid, only now Apartheid is written in the laws BBBEE and AA (covert Apartheid).

What black people does not understand is we know war, we don’t want it and we don’t condole it, but we are not afraid of it. War is in our blood, we have fought many wars before we came to SA and we have fought wars on SA soil against the most powerful nation in world. We know and survived oppression and we shall prevail again. Warning If the white man’s land is taken against his will, we will resist, we will fight for our family and our land. We do not fear the black nations, we have defeated them before and we shall do it again. We are not the spineless Afrikaner-bond or the silent partner in parliament VF+. We are the White giant of Africa and we consist of many nations, and many nations shall fight against the tyranny of Black Apartheid.

Barend Daubern Provincial leader NCP (National Conservative Party) Executive Council NCP