South Africa – A Constitutional Democracy under attack

South Africa – A Constitutional Democracy under attack

South Africa – A Constitutional Democracy under attack by its own ANC government.

As early as September 2011, I warned of this … and warned again on two (2) further occasions.

Of course my “small voice” was treated with contempt, even by most on social media.

It gives me no pleasure to point out that once again my concerns have been vindicated, quite spectacular.

The Sunday Times has just published a detailed report about a letter that the Public Protector has had delivered to President Jacob Zuma.

In that letter she states what should be blindingly obvious to the President and Cabinet, if they have even a minimal understanding and respect for the Constitution that they are all sworn to uphold,.

  1. The office of the Public Protector is a constitutional organ of State, like the Superior Courts.
  2. Once it has pronounced on a matter only the Superior Courts can intervene by way of the matter being taken to those Courts on Review.
  3. Ministers and other State agents, like the Special Investigations Unit, have ABSOLUTELY NO POWER to review or second guess the Public Protector.
  4. So when the President said in Parliament that the Report by the Public Protector was “not the only report .. he had to consider he was taking a stance in express breach of the Constitution.
  5. He is also in express breach of the Constitution by not complying with the directive(s) the Public Protector has given in the Report.
  6.  All this is not rocket science. The President and his support team MUST know that he is in express contempt and breach of the Constitution. But they proceed on this path regardless?????
  7. The Fact that the Speaker of Parliament could/would not bring this simple fact to th attention of the President in the debate last week is tragic confirmation of the contempt in which the Constitution is held across leadership mentality.

Whatever we may think about EFF there is not one word, syllable or statement that Julius Malema made in Parliament last week that is not 100% correct.

We need to understand that once a government does this, and starts tearing up the Constitution of the country, ALL of us are in danger …. very, very grave danger … at any number of levels.

This country is now in a Constitutional crisis. The implications of this not being reversed are very grave on a number of levels, including economic sustainability .. because the World WILL react.

By Chris Greenland


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