SONA, land expropriation without compensation casts dark shadow

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SONA, land expropriation without compensation casts dark shadow
SONA, land expropriation without compensation casts dark shadow. Photo: FF Plus

The emphasis that the new State President, Cyril Ramaphosa, placed on the issue of land expropriation without compensation has unfortunately cast a dark shadow over the first promising State of the Nation Address (SONA).

The principle of expropriation without compensation is extremely negative for the economy and for foreign investors, regardless of how it is implemented, and the FF Plus will oppose it in every possible way.

The many promises that were made with regard to growing the economy and the plans to address unemployment also sound good, but it was not spelled out where the government will find the money to execute these plans, particularly if statements about expropriation without compensation are scaring off prospective investors.

Therefore, the FF Plus says that the time has come for words to be backed up by deeds and that President Ramaphosa must prove to us, over the next few months, that his words are not just empty promises.

The President also emphasized the National Development Plan (NDP) and he undertook to decrease the number of state departments, which would inevitably mean a smaller Cabinet. In this regard, he must show that he really is serious about the matter by cutting back the excessive Cabinet as soon as possible.

Ramaphosa is known for saying what people want to hear, but then the reality is often quite the opposite.

He says, for example, that he wants to establish a Digital Industrial Revolution Commission to look into the fourth and even the fifth industrial revolutions that are at hand. In South Africa, however, the reality is that we are still struggling to covert to digital television, whereas he is already talking about the fourth and fifth industrial revolutions.

President Ramaphosa also promised strong action against issues such as corruption and state capture.

If he is indeed serious about addressing these problems, he must not only take action against state officials, but also against corrupt politicians – he must ensure that all the rotten apples are removed from the basket as soon as possible.

Ramaphosa further emphasized job creation, specifically for the youth, and nation building. The reality, however, is that Affirmative Action (AA) discriminates against white youths as well as other minority groups in the country, like colored people, and that makes his promises sound hollow.

If he really is serious about nation building and job creation, AA must be abolished.

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