Son attacked in bed and chopped with panga

Son attacked in bed and chopped with panga
Shaun Herbert panga attack South Africa

Warner Beach, KwaZulu-Natal – A Warner Beach family was left traumatised and badly shaken after their son was attacked in his bed and chopped with a panga in the early hours of December 2, 2014.

Lily Herbert said her, her husband and daughter were awoken at about 2.20am by the sound of breaking glass.

“When I walked into my son, Shaun’s room, a man was on top of him, attacking him,” she said.

The man jumped back out the window he had broken to gain access to their MacDonald Lane home and fled with his accomplices.

Shaun (21), who is anaemic, was cut under his arm on his left side, a muscle was chopped off his shoulder and he lost a lot of blood. “The man also tried to strangle him,” said Lily. “They didn’t take anything, I don’t know what their intentions were. They could have killed all four of us.”…

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