Solidarity to approach UN for help against ANC’s racist Job Reservation laws

Solidarity to approach UN for help against ANC’s racist Job Reservation laws
Solidariteit: Renate Barnard video

The Solidarity Movement has announced that it will approach the United Nations (UN) regarding the unfair labour practices, policies and laws of the ANC-regime that effectively controlls access to the South African labour market, and discriminates against minorities because of the colour of their skin.

Solidarity has also announced that capt Renata Barnard, formerly employed by the SAPS, has accepted a position within the movement, from where she’ll be directing her energy to fight against unfair labour practices.

Barnard, assisted by Solidarity has fought a long and protracted legal battle against the SA Police Services for failing to promote her to a position she was qualified and recommended for, but which has been reserved for a “black” person.

She however lost the case on appeal, and with no further legal recourse available to her within the SA judicial system, has decided to approach the UN as a last resort.

Solidarity has requested the SA public, and their international friends to help them by signing a petition that will accompany their presentation at the UN.

AfriForum, the CivilRrights Movement affiliated with the Solidarity Movement has registered as a organization of interest with the UN’s UNHRC in order to be able to address the council on issues of interest to minorities and deliver rapports of possible human rights infringements.

The video of the announcement is only available in the Afrikaans language.

Please sign the petition and help to rid South Africa once and for all of all forms and practices of racism, especially the kind promoted by the ANC:


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