South Africa: Shifting the blame to Afrikaners

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When Jacob Zuma, Mmusi Maimane and Julius Malema spew fire against “white monopoly capital” Afrikaner-bashing is in their minds. When their supporters hear the word “white” they interpret it as “Afrikaner”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

At Front National we are not anti-Jew. We are not neo-Nazis. But it is necessary to put the record straight and the only way to do that is to give the facts:

In 1939 the Afrikaner control of commerce, mining, finance and industry was 8%, 1%, 5% and 3% respectively (Sam Davidson 2011). It was evident that after the Depression a general upliftment of Afrikaners should play a role to the benefit of the whole of South Africa. By 1964 these figures have risen to 28%, 10%, 14% and 10% respectively, yet the Afrikaner was demographically still very far from being “advantaged”, being about 18% of the population. They were not spoon-fed by the new Republic and they were not fast-tracked to positions.

Even by 1974 two-thirds of Afrikaners were employed in blue collar jobs such as government officials, cashiers, clerks, lowly paid policemen and army personnel. By 1975 only 18% of businessis, 8% of mines and 38% of all posts in professions were in Afrikaner hands. There was no such a thing as “Afrikaner privilege”.

Jews, especially from Litaue, hovered between 2% and 4% of the white population. In 1980 the Jewish population reached 120 000 from the total population of 25 million; yet they controlled 24%, 23,1% and 30,5% of the professional, managerial, and sales sectors of the economy. Jews arriving in South Africa had one clear advantage: they were White.

Even the lone Jewish voice in Parliament, Helen Suzman, has it written in her biography: “Jews, by virtue of being White, were … members of [the] ruling elite.”

Indeed, Suzman, Benjamin Pogrund (anti-apartheid activist), Harry Oppenheimer (mining magnate), Bernstein, Goldstein, Joe Slovo, Harry Schwartz, Ronnie Kasrils, Bernard Friedman, Helen Zille (politicians and activists) all had the luxury of employing black servants and gardeners, reaping the benefits of “being white” far above their numerical and demographic situations. They were the privilaged few of the “white monopoly capital”. Yet, they all, under the guise of being liberal, sided with the “oppressed”, blaming everything going wrong on Afrikaners. In 1974 more than half of the Jewish population (51,1%) voted for the Progressive Party – today’s DA. In 1986 sixteen of Johannesburg’s town councillors, including the mayor, were Jewish. At one point the Argus Group controlled 17 of the 20 English-language papers in South Africa.

When a young Nelson Mandela was expelled from school, he found employment at the firm Witkin, Sidelsky & Eidelman as an articled clerk. The young Nat Bregman (18) first introduced Mandela to the Communist Party. For the rest of his political life Mandela was heavily dependend and indebted on his Jewish connections.

Yes, when Zuma, Maimane and Malema shout “monopoly capital!” from their soapboxes they are actually right. But the perception that it is “Afrikaner capital” is completely wrong. The problem is much nearer home: it is the ANC, EFF and especially the DA’s own puppet masters controlling the strings. The only “Afrikaners” in “monopoly capital” are those who do not align themselves with the Afrikaners – the Ackermanns, Wieses, Ruperts and Naspers.

The truth of “white monopoly capital” is that it is in firm control by the puppet masters: the Indian cabal, the Jewish handlers, the disassociated Afrikaners, and the Xhosa/Zulu Nostra elite. This is not Jewish bashing and it is not a conspiracy theory. It is the truth. And just like during the previous sixty years these puppets masters will again suck you dry in the ANC, EFF and DA while making you believe it is the big, bad monster of Apartheid Afrikaners.

There is a buck to be made.

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